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Get stuck in!




Get stuck in!



How can I help Oak Church?

There are many different ways you can get involved and support Oak Church Stevenage. Most people who support us do so in one of the following three ways. So here's an idea of how you can help too!


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Sunday Teams


Sunday Teams


Fancy being on a team?

Our church and services wouldn't work if we didn't have a great group of people working hard to make the space a welcoming, friendly environment. Here is a bit about each of the teams you could get involved with and what it looks like for each one.


Welcome Team

We know how difficult it can be walking through the doors of a new church, not knowing where to go or whether a donation is required for teas and coffees. So at our services our welcome team are ready to greet people, explain what's going on and make them feel at home.


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Cafe Team

We love having time before each our services to relax with a cup of tea and some cake. So we make sure our cafe is well-presented, well-stocked and well used! Those who are on cafe team serve everyone throughout the service and help create an atmosphere where people feel welcomed and at home.



Visuals Team

Part of making our services welcoming involves us making every aspect accessible to all. The visuals team control what goes up on the screen; the words for our worship songs, any notices and additional information, and visual aids for use in sermons. It can require a lot of concentration, but we also think it's a lot of fun!



Sound Team

The Sound team are responsible for making sure you can hear everything throughout our meetings, whether it be music and worship, video, or those speaking from the front. All things going well, you probably won't even notice they're there. So if you have some experience of using a sound desk, or are eager to learn, then we'd love to have you on board! 

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Set Up & Pack Down Team

We set up from scratch each week for our services. It's a lot of work but gives us all a great sense of achievement when we look at the finished product. We believe it's important to create a space where people feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable to worship God as freely as possible.



Worship Team

Our times of sung worship are a place where we can intentionally focus on God and respond to His leading. The worship team helps lead the congregation into a time of worship and ministry. If you would like to be involved, the best place to start is to come along to one of our Worship Jams we have every half-term. There you can meet the rest of the team and have a chance to play in a band setting.



Meals Team

At Oak we love our food! It often means when we gather together as a community we love to share a meal with each other. Some of the places we often share a meal is at our 4:30pm service and Youth Community centrals, but there are a many other places as well. If you like cooking and serving up a cracking meal, this could be the team for you!



Events Team

Being community and spending time together is really important to us at Oak. The events team help to organise the events that need love and creativity in its preparation and delivery. This team is very seasonal, and doesn’t require being involved at every event! Some events that you could be involved in are Love Stevenage, Christmas, Easter and Socials.

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Panna Cage Team

Oak is privileged enough to own a panna cage (cage football). We use the panna cage for a variety of different events and we also hire it out to other organisations at large scale events. The panna cage creates for us an opportunity to have first contact with young people in the places they naturally hang out. The two main areas of the panna cage team are drivers, who tow the panna cage to and from events, and the team who facilitate the use of the panna cage during an event.

If you are interested in hiring out the panna cage, please email info@oakchurchstevenage.org


If any of these teams interest you, or you would like to know more,
please contact Sarah at sarahh@oakchurchstevenage.org








Why do we pray?

Everything we do at Oak Church is centred around prayer and worship. We believe that when we pray, God moves in powerful ways. So here are a few ways you can get involved in the prayer life of our church.

Praying With Us

We try and provide loads of opportunities for people to gather together and pray, so we leave lots of space during our services and mid-week communities. Here are some other ways to get involved in praying with us...

Weekly Prayer

Each week on a Tuesday we pray and worship in the office together from 10:30am-11am. We would love for you to join us as we commit time to pray and intercede for our church, Stevenage & the world, as well as leaving space to pray for each other. 

Prayer Nights
Once a month we have a prayer night all together as a church. These alternate between Prayer centrals, a space we have created for contemplative worship and prayer and Prayer Walking around Stevenage. If you want to join us, please contact us at info@oakchurchstevenage.org for more information.

Praying For Us

We'd love you to pray for us. Some of the things we regularly request prayer for are the running of our mid-week communities / events, our services, our team's well-being and our ability to follow God's will in all that we do.

You can sign up to receive our monthly prayer email at our weekly services, or you can email us and we'll send the emails your way. Our prayer email contains an overview of what we've been up to, what we are thankful for, the challenges we're facing, and what we need prayer for.

If you have anything that you'd like us to pray for, then please get in touch with us. Or you can come
along to one of our services where we leave plenty of space to pray for each other.






What can I give?

Giving isn't just about money. When we talk about giving selflessly we mean offering our time and our talents, as well as our finances. That's why we see people serving on a team, praying for us and getting involved in things we do as incredible gifts to the life of our church. You can find out all about how to pray and serve further up this page.

Giving Financially

Our church is partly funded through the generosity of people in our church, as well as those supporting the church through one off gifts. So if you're looking to support our work with a gift or a monthly amount, we would be incredibly grateful.

There are a number of ways to give to Oak Church: 

Standing Order

If you wish to give via standing order, please contact info@oakchurchstevenage.org for our bank details. 


Made payable to 'Oak Church Stevenage'. This can then be posted to Oak Church Stevenage, High Street Methodist, Sish Lane, Stevenage, SG1 3LS. 

Cash & Credit/Debit Card

Available during our services


You can also give using our online profile on give.net. Please note that usually 3% of each gift is retained for administration costs. Please visit https://www.give.net/20193410

Oak Church Stevenage is part of the Stevenage Pioneer Youth Trust. We were formed and registered with the
charity commission on 12th January 2016 and our charity number is 1165138.